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Traipsing Tips

Here are some tips to make sure that your visit to the Kakamega Rain Forest is terrific.

Take plenty of liquids with you for longer excursions to avoid dehydration.  Walking can be warm work.

Be prepared for rain.  It is, after all, a rain forest.

Good walking shoes are recommended.  Sunscreen and / or a hat will keep you from sunburn or sunstroke if out in the sunshine for extended periods.

Stay on the trails, as this protects the surrounding vegetation, thus preventing soil erosion, destruction of plants etc.  Keeping to the trails also keeps you from getting lost.

Please mind your footing.  Wet paths are slippery!  A walking stick is a great aid.

Always take a guide on any longer walks or on walks with which you are not familiar. They are a fount of knowledge, excellent spotters of birds, butterflies and more, that you would otherwise miss.  They will return you safe and sound.

NEVER LEAVE RUBBISH.  If you take anything into the forest please take it back out again and dispose of it in a responsible manner – in a bin.  Litter is unsightly as well as hazardous to wildlife. Keep Kenya – and the Kakamega Rain Forest clean and beautiful.

Do not interfere with flora or fauna.  Do not interfere with nature.  Don’t try to feed monkeys etc.  They can look after themselves.

There are vipers and other snakes in the forest.  Leave them alone and they will leave you alone – but again, please mind your footing.

Please do not disturb the peace of the forest.  Keep the volume down for best viewing of birds etc.

We trust that you will enjoy your exploration of the forest and marvel at the beauty and the variety that it has to offer.

Remember to “…bring back nothing but good memories, (unless captured on film) and leave nothing but footprints!” (and those should be on the path)

Photo Credits (Guide): Carladean Thompson





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