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The name “Rondo” comes from “Kavirondo”, the area of Western Kenya around Lake Victoria, formerly called the Kavirondo Gulf, now-a-days known as the Gulf of Winam.  Rondo also means “All Round”, an all round retreat of wholeness for body, soul and spirit in the Kakamega Rain Forest.

Gold Rush and Timber Days
Bob Turton, from South Africa, came to Kenya to seek his fortune in the Kakamega Gold Rush.  When that did not “pan out” he turned to timber, running a sawmill, but practicing the sustainable forest policy of the colonial era.   One day the sawmill received an order for an Elgon Olive (teak).  Bob was informed by his workers of an especially fine specimen in the forest nearby.  His wife, on seeing the tree, declared that it should not be cut down, rather that she must have her house built facing it.  Bob did just that and made a home and garden for themselves, deep in the forest.  The Main House and Guest Cottage were completed in 1948.  Bob had an old Lister generator for lighting and pumping water into a tank that he had salvaged from a Lake Victoria Steamer that was no longer “sea worthy”.  This tank is still put to good use as our overflow tank from which we water the garden in the drier weather.  Bob’s first wife, Anita, a keen gardener, laid out a magnificent garden, beneath an overarching cathedral of trees, with the help of an army of gardeners.  They were married for 25 years when sadly she died.  He later married Betty Kapp, the Principal of Kaimosi Bible College.  They had 2 children, Connie and Ken.  At the end of the Emergency, at the start of the 60s, Bob was attacked while driving home.  A stone was hurled through the windscreen, smashing him in the face.  Betty was with him.  She said he was slumped down over the wheel, unconscious, and bleeding profusely, with the car leaping out of control, miraculously weaving between huge boulders and coming to rest in the nick of time on the very brink of the river stopped as if by an angel’s hand.  Bob’s face was surgically reconstructed in Nairobi, but he took it that it was now time to take his young family out of Kenya to start a new life in the USA, Betty’s home country.
A tunnel dug by the people looking for gold
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