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Rondo Retreat Centre, P.O Box 2153 - 50100 Kakamega, Kenya

Please call Rondo for the best route. Road conditions continually change – either for the better or worse.

When coming to Rondo from Nairobi, the most direct route is through Nakuru on the Eldoret Road. 

+254 56 2030 268, +254 733 299 149, +254 705 488 518

*Please note that network is intermittent due to being in the forest and weather conditions. "If at first you don't succeed...", please keep trying. You can send us a text and/or email through the contact form on the left.
Serene and tranquil retreat centre
Home to a variety of rare species
of (birds and plants) a multitude
of flora and fauna
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+254 56 2030 268 | +254 733 299 149
+254 705 488 518