Turaco Cottage

The Turaco cottage, the largest of our cottages, has 5 ensuite bedrooms and an attractive Turaco themed sitting room opening up onto a vast verandah.

Beyond the fig tree, which is a hive of activity particularly when the fruits are in season, and past the gardens lies the forest with its host of inhabitants. The verandahs lend themselves to relaxation and watching the world go by… the world of birds and other forest inhabitants, that is.

This cottage is named for the Great Blue Turaco, only to be found in this forest in Kenya, a beauty, which can frequently be seen gracing the fig tree and feeding on its fruit, or flying overhead. The Turaco cottage lends itself to both bigger groups as well as to several smaller groups, with bedrooms opening up on to their own verandahs.

Serene and tranquil retreat centre
Home to a variety of rare species
of (birds and plants) a multitude
of flora and fauna
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