Main House/Turton's House

The Main House, the original house built by the Turtons in 1948, has 3 ensuite bedrooms and 2 spacious sitting rooms which open up onto 2 verandahs with views overlooking the sweeping lawns to the backdrop of the forest beyond.

The house is full of memorabilia and has a distinctly "Old World Charm" feel to it, in keeping with its history. With a fireplace to dispel the chill on rainy days and books in the bookcases, it really is a “home away from home”.

The main verandah looks out over colourful flower beds, in the midst of which are the remains of the giant Elgon Olive tree that once graced the garden until its demise in 2003. Colobus monkeys can be seen cavorting on the stump of this magnificent tree and beyond that, in the forest trees.  

Serene and tranquil retreat centre
Home to a variety of rare species
of (birds and plants) a multitude
of flora and fauna
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